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Professional footballer



 Our personal trainer based in Lewisham, will give you more to stop dreaming and start doing more, to get better every day.  


This world’s leading athletic training device maximizes speed, vertical jump and overall athletic performance for youth, active adults and the performing athletes for superior lower body reactive power to accelerate, separate, elevate and dominate on the field of play and, many others uses such as injury prevention to rehab.  This is a unique piece of kit that is exclusively used at Team 6 

With us


 we have a mix of training equipment that is designed around performance's all with safety in mind as standard, we are here to hold your hand when you are not sure about how to do your exercises, we know that some people with less physical confidence have low aspirations will make weak commitments, give up easily, focus on the things they can't do and are easily discouraged by failure.


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Contact info: 112 Woolstone Road SE23 2TH Greater London