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Be At Your Best — When Your Best Is Needed.  Whatever your goal may be, a structured training protocol tailored to you individually, or as part of a small training group which will give your best results with our training, we have 3 training levels each more harder as you go along but the simplest routine will get you sweating, stronger and better cardiovascular system based on your training input.


At Team 6 training we offer personal training to outdoor training & outdoor fitness and  the Vertimax platform trainer to individuals and team training's.

We offers individual, small group, and teams a great way to train and improve these sessions are the  sole purpose of providing a program poised to improve your overall health and performance. The adult athlete needs a body that works. Continuing to build a strong and vital athletic engine allows you, a weekend warrior, to live a life to your fullest well into your retirement.

Torture body fat and build muscle at Team 6 Training. Each outdoor fitness & outdoor training is a specialist workout that is tailored to suit your current abilities and goals. When you’re looking to become the best version of yourself, we’re your first port of call. Team 6 training: personal training is British Standard approved IS0 9001 and our Sports performance training are based on the methodology of IMG Academy and Under Armour performance. 

Personal Training starts from £40 per hour for 60 minutes and performing athletes have a window of 90 minutes for £45 per hour.

The best way to describe small group workouts are many: training with others boosts and maintains morale,  motivate yourself or you can get help from a teammate,  and because the groups are smaller it is cheaper that a personal training session & with different challenges every sessions this makes the whole training with Team 6, will make you experience your own awesomeness, also by using metabolic conditioning mixed with strength training, all our ‘small groups’ Training, involves every aspect of movement: speed, mobility, agility, coordination, balance, strength & power training for you to get on with your daily demands of life with the " I Will attitude."


Before you start you will get a functional assessment that will help us get a picture of your movement pattern and posture.  At team 6 Training in Ladywell, Lewisham by doing our outdoor training & outdoor fitness to personal training and the vertimax you will be pleased to be part of a training company that offers you more for your wellbeing . 

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Contact info: 112 Woolstone Road SE23 2TH Greater London