Train to Perform

 Our methodology


was put together by a super team: Under Armour. Twist conditioning. I.M.G Academy in Florida. This is the best for all athletes and the measurement system is the global standard testing protocol for the (Sats) of testing, so at Team 6  if you’re not accessing your guessing how good you are, Be the best Active adult, youth and performing athlete you can be.   Our most advance exercises are Train to Perform which is transferred to the field that will make you reach down deep inside and Protect this House because you have to be...  Better.Stronger.Faster 


So at Team 6 Training our fitness in Ladywell, Lewisham will make you...Be a better you.                         

At Team 6 Training it's about been better every day ramping up in all ways from a foundation of sports performance, so we are using testing, workouts  and the Vertimax. 

We will also be accessing to see how you can be your best, with testing & combine training & a challenge system, so we take what your aspiration are then find  a way to inspire you & challenge you... & use competition to ramp up youth, active adults and the performing athletes to be passionate about life, excel in workouts and sports, live a vibrant life & be ahead of the curve, move well, pain free, and unleash the athlete in you, when you need to be at your best, when your best is needed. 


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Contact info: 112 Woolstone Road SE23 2TH Greater London