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In some cases, we will ask for your consent to process your Personal Data. You may indicate your consent in a number of ways, including, as permitted by law, ticking a box (or equivalent action) to indicate your consent when providing us with your Personal Data through Team 6 Training services or a form including enrolling in Booking through a third party and buying things from the Under Armour website.

Data protection


Please note that the following terms & conditions apply to all Team 6 Training services and you booked a place will constitute your Acceptance of these Terms & condition.

• All new clients must complete a PAR-Q / Consent Forms before commencing any exercise program, 12 hours’ notice is required for cancellation for all Team 6 Training services. Less than 12 hours’ notice will incur full payment of the session fee.

• Booking your session and all Team 6 Training services by our Schedule would benefit you not been overlooked by using other communication methods. If the Client is late for their meeting, the time missed will not be made up on to any outstanding or new sessions. The course will end at the specified time, or an adjustment might be as a courtesy call.
Smartwater protects * All Team6 training and loan equipment
* All loaned equipment should only be used for the intended purpose

• If the Trainer is late or must cancel a session due to weather conditions, any additional time will be added to your next meeting or subsequent sessions at no extra cost to you.

• All payment must be paid prior before any training sessions

• Only Team 6 Training members qualify to take part in any challenges, or Team 6 Training services.

• All Team 6 Training members can bring a colleague to keep their scoring, but they are not permitted to touch or take part in the training without themselves been a member.

• All Team 6 Training Group sessions only are valid for 60 days, specified times due to extreme weather conditions will not affect your sessions.

** All unused Team 6 Training sports performance sessions only: can be used by a family member or colleague within your 60-day allowance if you do not wish to continue until they are used up.

** Child care issues will not affect your sessions.
                                               REFUND POLICY
 If you are not satisfied with our services, we will be glad to reimburse you.  
                       Frequently asked questions
• I have heard that some personal trainers are not very experienced or qualified. How do I know that your trainers are?
We at Team 6 Training: qualified as personal trainers with Future Fit: British Standards ISO 9001. Our qualifications are recognised in the UK and internationally by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), City & Guilds, Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts (OCR). IMG Academy Sports performance: Under Armour
• How much room do I need to be able to have a good training session?
. If you have enough place to be able to lie down on the floor with your arms out wide, you will be able to have a good personal training session.

• How many courses would I need to improve and reach my goal?
There is no set answer to this question. Everyone has different needs and goals which each will require different amounts of sessions. On the free consultation, we will work together to work out how many courses you would expect.

• How many times a week do I need to train?
Someone new to exercising should try a minimum of 2-3 times per week, and it also depends on your fitness level and the time you have available.
• Can I not get motivated to do exercise?

At Team 6 Training, we train as well, so we know how to drive you along the way to keep your sessions as fun and exciting as you would expect them to be.
• What is a “Vertimax and Strike suit" and is it just for Performing Athletes?

Vertimax V8 and the Strike suit are not just for performing training athletes. The Vertimax V8 / Armour 39, and the Strike suit are the most advanced training system in the world and has hundreds of exercise applications for general health and fitness in the gym, outside or at home for people of all ages. Vertimax V8 and the Strike suit will provide many innovative and exciting exercise opportunities to improve anyone’s physical condition and quality of life in a quicker time frame.

• Can I train with a friend or in a group on the Vertimax?
Group’s session can be on the Vertimax V8/Strike suit, or they can be part of any other training protocol.

• Can I have a single Personal training session only?
We do not offer single session apart from the pay as you go on the Team 6 Training sports performance sessions, we know from experience that if you are not committed to 5 personal training sessions or more, you will learn nothing and go away doing the exercises incorrectly, possibly causing injury and getting zero results.


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