10 session pack

This is our most popular pack which has a 60 - day usage. This is based on our outdoor fitness / outdoor training and a challenge system based around sports performance, so you now can put yourself in an athletes shoe and workout like one, or train like a pro with Team 6 Training: outdoor fitness & outdoor training program.


We also have a Personal training and pay as you go service, but you can only attend a set timed session or you can schedule your personal time with the 10 session pack with a built-in 60-day usage



 You can let a friend or college use one of your sessions, if you wish ...
                          now that is saying something!                                                  

£80 for 10 sessions

 £9.00 Pay as you go 

please ask about our personal training services

From £35+ per hour

Some of the best teams trains on a Vertimax: Arsenal, Ipswich,  Manchester City & United  and some of the elite soccer teams.

This is the reason why they are being displayed above.

Awesome first step quickness, vertical leap and explosive kicking power to kick like a sniper.  VertiMax training technology enhances your fast twitch muscle performance through an advanced resistance training design, that allows you to train how you play. Vertimax at Team 6 training will help to develop your quickness, strength and speed-work that will help you to accelerate, separate, elevate and dominate on and filed of play.


From Rehabilitation to getting the move right. Team 6 trainer's in Lewisham are the only one using the Vertimax platform Trainer for your Outdoor fitness and outdoor training for your fitness in Ladywell, lewisham area.

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Contact info: 112 Woolstone Road SE23 2TH Greater London