With us we know that the best athletes in the world uses the best equipment they can get there hand on, from better performing training to techniques.

Vertimax sports performance training is for explosive power, vertical jump, first step quickness and game-winning performances. At Team 6 Training, this is it! this is the most advanced kinetic chain involvement training system offering constant exercise resistance throughout the range of movement via the 17 patented functions under the platform that provide essential kinetics that works together and in turn, fires your chain of kinetic muscles for awesome performances and this is the go to device for world class athletes to dominate on the field of play. Our personal trainer in Lewisham will cut a deal to any performing athlete (s) or training squad.  

In our sporting world, speed, agility, quickness, and explosive power is not a requirement, its a must,.  superior people and athletes are not only praised for their strength and might but, by their thoroughbred qualities.



At Team 6 training we have a different mindset how the body should be trained altogether, we get the whole body working in the natural way and we don't rely on isolation exercises, sitting down on a piece of gym equipment just doing everything in the linear plane will create muscle in-balances injuries long term.  we like to train your body in a three-dimensional way using your body how it was meant to be used.


 Training on the Vertimax


 means the Vertimax exercises will give you more resistance the higher up you go, challenging you to fire through the end range. with vertical jumping to box jumps, this helps you achieve triple extension and activate your posterior chain with greater force and speed. This machine is only available at Team 6 Training for your sports performance achievements and we will challenge you to find a Vertimax locally . 

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