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Group classes

Group Classes

Group Classes

Have a Teammate or friends you would like to Train with? Small group training allows friends or those with similar goals to train together, all our groups hold 10 members but can be adjusted for team sports.  All our classes are small and make it easier for our trainers to spend time with you so you can have better training and challenge encouragements. 

|With us, we do not give you floor exercises in wet or cold times as a so called workout, we leave that to other trainers, your body works at it best when you stand on your own two feet as this is the optimal position your human machine works at its best or, ground work for your chosen sport can be factored in.


 At team 6 training our Sports Performance Training focuses on balance, dynamic high-speed mobility, coordination, total body strength, explosive power, quickness, reactivity, endurance, and anaerobic conditioning and you be training at your own pace or you can own it.


Training at Team 6

This is when you will!, you will raise your game and bring it, and leave it in the park, to get great results you will have to engage your mind and look after your dreams before someone steals it.  The best athletes rises above a " Bum, Thigh and Tummy classes " and do performance training as they have to best, ... never be destroyed by a lack of knowledge, this is your eureka moment.

 Take on a free Team 6 Training: outdoor fitness or outdoor training  session and let's see how you measure up...we know that athletes and everybody must be ready for constant change not just getting ready to go on holiday. Great performance comes from using all aspects of your athletic engine and a can-do attitude and to take on any challenges life has to offer. 

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