Fitness testing

Fitness Testing



 including mum, dad, active adults & performing athletes aspire to get better. To achieve this, formal athlete evaluations are the best means of proving that a training plan is providing results. It is also important that athletes maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle and possess the desire to succeed.

Sports performers undergo regular assessments of their fitness to help predict their future performance potential. Regular team 6 training fitness testing is essential to develop the performer’s physical fitness and for us the coach to identify areas for improvement and to evaluate your success of a training regime.


Team 6 training fitness test results provide an objective view of performance and can be used to ensure  your outdoor fitness / outdoor training meets the needs of your team or an individual and their sport.  Challenging every athlete to improve is what performance training is all about and to make you functionally fit for your everyday life and activities.


 At Team 6 training, we know that everyone has potential to set their own benchmark for measuring their own potential. 

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