Fitness classes


Fitness Classes

Maybe you want to find a fitness course that helps you to lose weight or exercise classes to keep yourself fit… it doesn’t matter, you can find something you are looking for on our website, our fitness class are 10 sessions valued over 60  - days usage. We have outdoor fitness, outdoor training, personal training and Vertimax training available for you, what you can do is share your experience with your "10" sessions to your friends or family and you can keep their score and see whether they have more than you in the tank.


Our personal training, outdoor fitness, outdoor training are based on a foundation of sports performance from Under Armour, and  our fitness testing will  give you a baseline for tracking your progression.

In our training environment you and performing athletes compete against the exercise, the clock, yourself or your team mates. (You can even bring a friend to help you keep score!). This all ensures that you can bring it to every session and give your best when your best is needed. 

Our classes are based on the Combine Training methodology so there is always an option suited to your needs. For the real athletes, we have a 3-level challenge system that will test your mental toughness for the transfer to the field of play. This type of training structure teaches you to embrace challenge and build a path to improved self-discipline and mental toughness.   

The whole challenge philosophy whether its outdoor training / outdoor fitness, personal training, Vertimax platform training and the High-level sports performance training provides a purposeful way to measure performance improvement beyond evaluation. We use various challenges to allow the mum and dads as well as performing athletes to perform to new heights of physicality and mental toughness. 

You have made a great choice by looking at Team 6 Training in ladywell, Lewisham

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