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At Team 6, our fitness coach and personal trainers are British standard ISO 90010 & IMG Academy sports performance trained and ready to make sure you receive those results that's going to make you feel awesome.




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We started Team 6 Training with the belief that we are all athletes and it's in all of us to bring it to the surface.  We felt strongly about this but weren’t yet sure how to impact the most people with better outdoor training / outdoor fitness in Ladywell, Lewisham.


Rather than confining ourselves to be just another fitness outfit, promising to ‘tone you up’ and all the gimmicks, we are better than that. We take it up a few levels with sports performance training from Under Armour, Twist conditioning and IMG Academy, we focus on movement primary, not the muscles and then we then challenge the movement with the right training to build the body to work at its best, This proven system was born at IMG Academy and our performance training is the most comprehensive approach developed to date for the real workout warriors and performing champions. 


Our training system was scientifically developed and proven at IMG Academy. This Ignite 360 performance training has been used for over 30 years by world-class trainers to prepare elite athletes of all ages for high-level performances and we are proud to be part of this team.  We are always ready and focused. This is the only integrated personalized training designed systematically to improve all athletes (including you!) for a high level purposeful training/fitness for burning body fat to athletic performance.  At Team 6 Training we are enthusiastic, but with a purpose: we seek the thrills that come from exceeding what we thought was possible… we care for our members, your success is our success.    Team 6 Training, fitness in Ladywell, Lewisham.


It is in our interest to put people in the best positions to take control of their health, so they can succeed in anything and know that we can all finally get things done.

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