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Under Armour performance

The choice of champions

Put yourself in an Athlete's shoe and train like one 

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Our outdoor fitness / Training is quite different and it was born at IMG ACADEMY  for bright and intelligent mum's, dad's and active adults looking to improve with training rather than working out. Where we train there are other trainers that give you a tough workout for the sake of hard work, that's not us, we cut out all the gimmicks and the tone up myth with coaching science ( now you know why Team USA is in a different league), and we will challenge you if you can find trainers in Lewisham that use and have better performance training equipment than us.  Now are you ready to be at your best, when your best is needed? now wake up here is your signal.



This is a smart thing to do! We push athletes to be at their best with trusted technology to drive performance of athletes and teams,.  

40 yards sprint and the 5.10.5, 

Team booking and individual sessions are available on request.

You are all invited when training is your sport.

You compete against yourself and others to see where you measure up to, what your strong and weak points are, and overall, to see where you need to improve as our training is more focused so we can take a problem and fix it.

Team 6 Training is affiliated with

Under Armour 

Why 10

You have  60 - day usage. 

The 10 is based around a challenge system.

( so you now can put yourself in an athletes shoe and workout like one, or train like a pro with Team 6 Training: outdoor fitness & outdoor training program.)

You can even let your bestest buddy use your valid sessions

They can even stand on the side and record your scoring so that you can get those numbers. T&c applies

We have worked with professional athletes on our outdoor training program such as Lianne Sanderson, Ikechi Anya,  Myles Weston, Joseph Hylton, Jamie Hughes, basketball players to amateur footballers to Runners, we are doing some amazing things with our Under Armour sports performance training & fitness in Ladywell, Lewisham...


Virtual reality training

 Team 6 Training is a company that offers sports performance training, bespoke personal training, Vertimax training, outdoor fitness & outdoor training to one and all, our training is designed to make you better every day so you can take on the world, remember: some trainers promise to Tone you up with methods that are based around hard work and gimmicks and tell you what time it is, we build you the watch.


Our workouts at Team 6 training in Ladywell, Lewisham are for youth athletes, active adults, mum & dad and the weekend warriors and the " Diehards" that like's to go in! & the Performing athletes who want to train in a professional manner and leave nothing behind. 


We will ensure

 you’re properly prepared to compete in your sport or workout with a finely tuned body, a sharp mind, and a nice athletic body structure.  


When training is your sport it’s never boring, you’re in the same league regardless of level, so you can be doing the same workout at times, next to a Pro boxer to a soccer player, so you’re in an environment of excitement plus, your only score to beat is your own, and this style of training is more than the gym.


You will always be looked after when doing any of our workouts from Vertimax training, outdoor fitness, outdoor training to personal training.


We will help You! and athletes of all ages and abilities amplify your physical confidence to working out properly, by doing our outdoor training & outdoor fitness like a champion to ultimately tackle the challenges of sports, everyday life and look and feel great.


 The motivation that you need is our style of exercising for you to achieve your goals and make a change that you can see & feel with great help from our training coaches & trainers in Lewisham.

Our aim

is to give all our clients better forward thinking so we can all become more with better training, nutritional methods for your body to work from the inside out and for you to come to Team 6 training in Ladywell, Lewisham, to do our outdoor training & outdoor fitness, not forgetting personal training and the awesome Vertimax training that will work more muscles, than the one's that allow you to run circles in the park.

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Contact info: 112 Woolstone Road SE23 2TH Greater London